We Can Answer Your Windshield Repair Questions

Will my Insurance Company Pay for my Windshield Repair?

In most cases, YES! As long as you have full coverage, most major insurance companies will waive your deductible and pay the entire repair amount. We handle all the paperwork to make it easy for you.

Will Windshield Repair make my Insurance Rates go up?

Many people don’t want to make an insurance claim for a rock chip or crack repair as they’re afraid their insurance rates will increase. Since windshield repair is considered a “no-fault” claim, it won’t raise your premiums. In fact, most insurance companies recommend a “repair” rather than a much more costly replacement.

How do you Fix my Windshield Crack or Chip?

We inject the crack or chip with a resin formulated especially for auto glass. Pressure and vacuum cycles push the resin into every crack and crevice. Then the resin is hardened with ultra-violet light, bonding your windshield back to its original strength. Learn more about the repair process here.

Will the Chip or Crack Totally Disappear?

No. Windshield repair is considered preventative maintenance, not a cosmetic cure. However, in most cases, the optical clarity of your windshield will improve by 70 to 90%.

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At Accurate Windshield we specialize in chipped and cracked windshield repairs, at NO COST TO YOU with qualifying insurance. Our mobile technicians will come to you to anywhere in the Greater Baton Rouge area. We offer same day service and we work around your schedule. Call us with any other questions regarding autoglass repair, or call for an appointment to fix your chip or crack today.

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